first blog

hey my name Fatin Suhana, just call me Fatin. im fourteen, follow me if you want. if don't please click the X button up there. then you will be in heaven :) im Malaysian. proud to be Malaysian. im from Alor Star. school at Sultanah Bahiyah. or 'the hell' :) most people or student doesn't like or want to school there because of the teach's attitude make them like 'arghhhhhhh' or for nerdy 'haehhhhh' i didn't get why they make this thing so stressed. just be yours and them be thems :) and if wanna says something, like "hey bitch, im hot than you" just say it when you see me. don't say at belakang2 haaa. don't like laaa, it makes you more bitch. or biatch! HAHA. okay now, babye ! :)