wehee, bangga gelaa 29/8/2011 kita cukop tiga bulan, even kita jarangg jumpa . aku tetap sayangs hang weh! even hang selalu busyy kan. takdak masa nk layan akuu. sebab tue laa aku panggey hang SUPERBUSY! sesuai laa dgn hangg! aku sayangg hang gela babengg weh! hey hey! ILoveYouBoyFriend :)

Ahmad Syaza ♥♥

since 29.5.2011, sundayy, 11:28 have brings a change to my life . i love you so much. first time i was see at your face i was fall in love with youu. my life doesn't mean anything without are like a sun that light up my life. you are my sunshine. if have 60 million people in the world i just want you bie. that's make my heart doesn't stop to love you. it's difficult for me to let you go but easier for me to accept you. when i was seen you with other girls i feel like i was jealous with's my destiny to be with you. thanks course make my life shinee. from now, tomorrow and the end of my life i will love you until my last breath. AHMAD SYAZA BIN ZULKIFLI I LOVE YOU ♥♥

first blog

hey my name Fatin Suhana, just call me Fatin. im fourteen, follow me if you want. if don't please click the X button up there. then you will be in heaven :) im Malaysian. proud to be Malaysian. im from Alor Star. school at Sultanah Bahiyah. or 'the hell' :) most people or student doesn't like or want to school there because of the teach's attitude make them like 'arghhhhhhh' or for nerdy 'haehhhhh' i didn't get why they make this thing so stressed. just be yours and them be thems :) and if wanna says something, like "hey bitch, im hot than you" just say it when you see me. don't say at belakang2 haaa. don't like laaa, it makes you more bitch. or biatch! HAHA. okay now, babye ! :)